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Nikki Lane vs Sarah Brooke

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Sarah Brooke vs. Nikki Lane

You’re Sleeping With My Husband??!!

(Women’s Singles Match w/o Referee, Grudge Match)

Sarah Brooke reveals a little secret to Nikki Lane about sleeping with her husband that she thinks she’ll be accepting of, but instead Nikki goes on the warpath over it in “You’re Sleeping With My Husband??!!”, creating the backdrop for a grudge matchup between wife and mistress to say the very least!

Nikki simply isn’t going to stand for a hussy like Sarah taking what doesn’t belong to her! Not without a fight at least! What’s more, Sarah even comes on to HER a bit during the course of the match, fueling her fire even worse! Bad enough she went after her she’s going after her too? Does she have no shame??!

The two trade various attacks, getting nastier and nastier as the match goes on, chief among them being more than a few low blows, before a winner comes quite literally out of nowhere! It looks as if one of the two is gonna win....and then they don’t! It’s a super quick and shocking ending! Who sneaks away with the victory, in this more than a little heated battle that has so much riding on it? Does Sarah get her just desserts from Nikki for her actions?

This is more fight than wrestling match given the story surrounding it! It’s highly physical and downright dirty!


Ankle Lock, Back Elbows, Belly Punch, Bra Snap, Butt Bump, Camel Clutch, Chinlock, Choking (Hand Choke & Rope Choke), Corner Headbutts, Corner Head Ramming, Foot Stomping, Forearm, Front Bodyscissor, Full Nelson, Grapevine Pin, Hair Attacks (Hair Crush, Hairpulling & Hairpull Takedown), Hand Choke, Low Blows (Kneeing Low Blow, Leg Drop Low Blow, Punching Low Blow & Stomping Low Blows), Reverse Boston Crab, Shove into Corner, Side Headlock, Snapmare Takeover, Sole Kicks, Wedgie

(Shot in 4K)
You will get a MP4 (465MB) file
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