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Get ready to bake alongside your child for the next 5 weeks!

Weekly you will receive:

  • Set up instructions
  • A supply list
  • An ingredients list
  • A video lesson (can be used as a tutorial for you to learn how to present to your child or for your child to watch and bake along with)
  • An original cake recipe
  • A printable recipe card to start your child's collection

Your child will gain:

  • Independence in the kitchen
  • A vocabulary of kitchen tools and ingredients
  • Self-confidence in their own abilities
  • The knowledge that you trust them
  • Mathematical skills of measuring and estimating
  • The "cycle of activity" (every activity has a beginning, a middle, and an end.)
  • Eye-hand coordination

Take your class:

  • First thing in the morning to set your daily routine
  • After school to create a purposeful and bonding experience with your child
  • On the weekend to add a new experience for your child
  • On school breaks to continue your child's education
  • When your child visits their grandparents to offer a purposeful intergenerational bonding experience

Get started today!

5 Weeks of Baking!


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