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BestFriend (a novella in 17 MP3 chapters)

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She wanted a friend. It wanted something else.

Nyshell is a little slower, a little clumsier, just a bit different. But with tutors and other tools wired into her brain, Nyshell and those like her have a shot at being normal. Of course, sometimes parents don't see what their kids do. Things can happen that shouldn't. And when all a girl wants is to have one friend, even if that friend exists only inside her head, that desire may change the lives of millions...if it doesn't destroy her first.

Hang on for nearly three hours of near-future wonder and ratcheting suspense as you enjoy this all-ages novella read by the author.

From BestFriend reviews:

"...a fun and entertaining story with rich characters and a storyline that is so relevant to our modern world with such possibilities and challenges that we may face in the future. I promise you won't want to put this book down till you've read to the last page."

"From his other books I know he is tuned in with the cutting edge of technology and he seamlessly weaves in next gen technology in, creating a lush, realistic world. I'd highly recommend this one."

"Good sci-fi can make you wonder about how technology would change us. Great sci-fi should have characters that make you care about how technology changes them. BestFriend is firmly in the latter camp. One of the most entertaining novellas I've read in quite a while."
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