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Anger Solutions License

Annual non-exclusive renewable license for Certified Anger Solutions Facilitator, Coach, Trainer, or Master Trainer or AGENCY.

Facilitator: This license is for individuals who paid out of pocket for their Anger Solutions Certification. This license is portable to any agency or organization you should work for, and remains with the certificate holder, as do the training materials.

Trainer: This license is for individuals who paid out of pocket for their Trainer Certification, or wish to continue to hold their Trainer status after leaving the agency that originally funded their training.

Master Trainer: This license is again for individuals who paid out of pocket for their Master Trainer Certification, or who wish to continue their status as Master Trainer regardless of the agency or clinic that employs them. 

AGENCY License: This license fee is for any agency that has funded the certification training (at any level) for one or more of their staff members. The license will remain with the agency as will the training materials should their Facilitators, Trainers, or Master Trainers leave the organization. In the event that an agency is in a position to hold a license and materials but no certified Anger Solutions practitioner, please contact Anger Solutions immediately to arrange for a new staff to be certified.
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