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This set includes the following 5 clips from CCC:

Hadley Black LLC, 23.5 mins (c. 2018), crutching from doctor office, around a drug store, around a mall/sporting good store, and around campus. TONS of expert crutching, lots of cast talk, and a few different pairs of socks and bare toes are featured in this clip.

Kasie Soccer Injury Light Blue LLC, 24.5 mins (c. 2015), Talking briefly and painfully about injury with ace "splint," crutching around campus in LLC, tons of cast talk, toe wiggles, then crutching at soccer field and up a hill with more cast talk. Red toe nail polish.

Melanie Purple Angled LLC, 14 mins (c. 2015), crutching around campus and extended cast talk as well as some foot play and wiggling.

Orange LLC, 55 mins (c. 2018), Brief barefoot/sock crutching to office, lots of crutching at soccer field, downtown area, sporting goods store (includes some wheelchair footage), and around campus (which includes some socked footage).  Also includes heavy foot play and wiggling, and lots of cast talk. Lots of wardrobe changes.

Hot Pink Roller Blading LLC w/ Black Stockinette, 35 mins (c. 2016), Roller blading accident, then crutching into house with lots of cast talk in the house and some pain, then scenes around campus, and in a grocery store (which inludes a motorized scooter), some good foot play, extended cast talk, lots of great crutching, and based on a real injury.
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