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After releasing Exposing My Glow up on YT and sharing some of my challenges with people, childhood traumas and love. I starting experiencing more challenges that forced me to press pause on everything. It also forced me to let go of everything that wasn’t serving me. I couldn’t understand why so much was happening so fast or why did I feel like I was back where I started with my spiritual journey. It felt as if I was dreaming or like I was just watching things happen to me in a way I couldn't respond emotionally, mentally or physically. I wasn’t eating much, resting much, or anything. Once I decided to let it all go and do my inner work, my mind and spirit started opening up more. 

I hope this gives you somewhat clarity If you are experiencing similar situations, challenges or temporary pain. The purpose is to not only help someone but share my perception of Love, Healing and Growth. 
You will get a M4A (16MB) file
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