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Be Your Own Publicist

Be Your Own Publicist

This webinar consists of four sections, 13 lessons and one downloadable template.

It covers the basics of writing your own press release, developing your media database and protocol on what and how to send your press release.

It does not replace a professional publicist and it does not make you a publicist, but it does get you started while starting your business.

Suitable for designers, models, event managers, retailers, individuals.

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Be Your Own Publicist


Course curriculum


Section 1: Writing your own press release

Lesson 1: Unique Selling Point

Lesson 2: Your Story

Lesson 3: Pulling it Together

Lesson 4: Presentation (with downloadable template)

Lesson 5: Images

Section 2: Developing your Media Database

Lesson 6: What media outlets will be on your database?

Lesson 7: Who you gonna call?

Section 3: Hitting Send

Lesson 8: Hitting Send

Section 4: You hit Send, Now what?

Lesson 9: Don't call us, we'll call you

Lesson 10: Thank you

Lesson 11: Repeat

Lesson 12: Schedule it

Lesson 13: Hints & Tips