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How to Build Muscle Mass Without Going to the Gym

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If you’re looking to build muscle mass but do not have time to go to the gym, or perhaps you want to cut out gym membership expenses, this resource is for you!

I am a fitness enthusiast who enjoys exercising regularly. I have an open mind to learning new workouts, as this will make our workout more exciting such that we don't have to do the same exercises all the time. More importantly, this will give us that muscle shock which ultimately leads to increased muscle growth, as our body is not used to a new style of exercise so it reacts differently. I am extremely passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals, and my way of giving back is through sharing new exercises that I learnt with others.

 I chose to write this book because I believe that it is important to give people a variety of different options in how they can build muscle mass. People should not be limited to only knowing how they can build muscle mass in the gym. This pandemic has taught me a lot in the sense that we have to be versatile and must show the ability to adapt to new changes. As part of human nature, people are naturally accustomed to their current way of life. Nobody ever predicted that gyms will be closed for a long period and that we would have to exercise outside of the gym. With that new rule in place at that time, people were stuck they did not know what to do because they were so used to working out in the gym.

There are some who may be able to set up their home to look completely like a gym where, for example, they can set up a chest press bench and squat rack. But, there are people who will not be fortunate to have this set up because the biggest challenge is acquiring enough space to have all the gym equipment in the house. They will need to use equipment that will not occupy space but at the same time still allow them to build muscle mass. My eBook covers these pieces of equipment.

Although lockdown has ended and the gym has resumed, in case we have another lockdown in the future, people can refer to this book as a guide and a way to remind them that they can achieve muscle growth without going to the gym.

74- page resource for individuals looking to build muscle mass without having to go to the Gym.

The section includes the equipment you can use for exercising which are:

·         Kettlebells

·         Pull up bar

·         Resistance bands

This section also includes the different muscle groups you will be working on which are:

·         Flat chest

·         Upper chest

·         Lower chest

·         Shoulders

·         Rear deltoids

·         Trapezius

·         Upper back

·         Lower back

·         Biceps

·         Triceps

·         Legs

·         Calves
You will get a EPUB (6MB) file
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