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Ultimate Pro Social Media Planner Workbook 2020

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The All-New 2020/21 edition of the Ultimate Pro Social Media Planner For Bloggers is here.

This power planner contains 30+ full-size A4 printable templates to help you plan, organize, and be epic on social media.

Whether your goal is to create better engaging content, grow your social followers, or to increase awareness about your brand or cause, the Ultimate Pro Social Media Planner will help you.

Here's what's included inside:

  1. Facebook Ads Planner
  2. Facebook 7-Day Content Planner
  3. Facebook Fans Growth Tracker - 0 to 1K
  4. Facebook Fans Growth Tracker - Custom
  5. Facebook Post Planner
  6. Instagram Ads Planner
  7. Instagram Post And Content Planner
  8. Instagram Likes/Comments Tracker
  9. Instagram Followers Growth Tracker - 0 to 1K
  10. Instagram Followers Growth Tracker - Custom
  11. Instagram Stories Planner
  12. LinkedIn 7-Day Content Planner
  13. LinkedIn Post Planner
  14. LinkedIn Connections Growth Tracker - 0 to 1K
  15. LinkedIn Connections Growth Tracker - Custom
  16. Pinterest 7-Day Content Planner
  17. Pinterest Pin/Story Planner
  18. Pinterest Pin Performance Tracker
  19. Pinterest Board Planner
  20. Pinterest Weekly Analytics Tracker
  21. Twitter Ads Planner
  22. Twitter 7-Day Content Planner
  23. Tweet Planner
  24. Twitter Followers Growth Tracker - 0 to 1K
  25. Twitter Followers Growth Tracker - Custom
  26. YouTube Video Content Creation Planner
  27. YouTube Video Creation Checklist
  28. YouTube Video Subscriber Growth - 0 To 1,000
  29. YouTube Video Subscriber Growth - 1K TO 2.7K
  30. YouTube Video Subscriber Growth - CUSTOM
  31. Bonus: 7-Day Social Scheduling Calendar
You will get a PDF (3MB) file