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Sane and Sexy Relationships: A Comprehensive Guide to Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Wellness


Practical Results

This course is an Empowerment tool. It will give you the most essential tools that you need not only to navigate your Intimate relationships with the other, but you will understand Yourself more, which is the primary relationship one needs to cultivate. One of the most important things to learn in this day and age is how to stay Equanimos and calm under stress. You will learn several breathing techniques, meditations, and how to Bio hack your body for better performance. This program has over 35 videos that covers energetic practices that you can use to clear your energy centers (Chakras), protect yourself from energy vampires, restore your Brain power, and vitality if you are sick or under stress, keys to great SEX and intimacy, how to deal with trauma It has also a full section on communicating with your partners so they can listen. 

Managing Your Life Force Energy Is Your Gateway To Freedom

If you don't understand that your most important relationship you can ever have is your relationship with YOURSELF, you will keep going in loops. Your inner being is your SIGNIFICANT other, so you need to tend to that first and make sure it is happy and healthy. Sounds mystical? I break it down into practical steps. In this course, you will learn how to communicate with others so they listen. You will learn what will make you stand out in bed, and why intimacy fizzles away. You will learn how to stay mentally, physically, and spiritually strong in the storm's eye.

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Course curriculum

  • Reset Your Relationship Button Module
  • Inner Work Module
  • Cosmic Intimacy Module
  • Conscious Dating Module
  • Communication Module
  • Health Hacks Module