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Think Sheets & Admin Sheets - Senior - Behaviour Management

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These sheets are designed to teach positive behaviour habits and encourage recovery, restoration and prevention.

INSTRUCTIONS - Think Sheets Senior


Better Ways strives to provide a school wide, clear, consistent and universal, behaviour system. When expectations and consequences are clear to all, we can deliver consistency from adults, and students can make educated behaviour choices.


Introduce think sheets as ‘A positive tool that will help keep us all safe, happy and on track to being SUPER STARS’
The action of ticking, triggers a positive thought process, ensure that the mind set questions are read and ticked as a first step
The repetition of these statements and the super star goals, on each sheet helps to develop positive thought patterns
Ensure that students know to read the whole sheet each time
State the rule broken and the action that needs to be taken e.g. “take the think sheet to the quiet area”
Look for feelings behind the student’s behaviours to help prevent and de-escalate in the future
Move on quickly, praise good choices, be consistent
Use in conjunction with Better Ways Rules Poster and Behaviour Chart for a whole behaviour system
Discuss the expectations and consequences, with all students, every morning, as part of the set up for a great day (for a whole behaviour system use Better Ways Peg Chart and Rules Poster)
Show students the think sheets and explain how and when they are used

Print on both sides of 2 pages (you may choose to print on different colours for each page for easy reference e.g. pink slip/blue slip)
PAGE 1 - Think sheet/Buddy Class - for in class management
PAGE 2 - Office Admin/Apology - student to complete with admin team

TPT: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: @betterways101

BWTHD has a range of resources that use consistent language and can be implemented throughout your school as whole school behaviour management tools.

Consistency is key. Why not become a Better Ways School today?

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