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Radio On Purpose - The Fastest Most Effective Way to be 'Known' in the Radio Industry.

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I'm Nails Mahoney.
In my 30+ years as a radio presenter in Ireland, the UK and Canada, I held down eight full time jobs.
That's eight Monday-Friday, high profile daytime on air shifts at stations such as RTE 2FM Ireland and Q107 Toronto.
Of those eight jobs...I applied for TWO! 
That's right...TWO!!!
How did I get the other six?
Simple - I knew the person hiring.

Ever hear the expression "Who do they know?"
Well, that's who I knew!

In this book 'Radio On Purpose', I have devised a system that shows you how to instantly use the network you have already built up in the industry (no matter how small), to fast-track getting the gig you want.

Can't be that simple?
Fair enough. Don't try. It's probably not for you.

However, let me just remind you - Six out of eight jobs...because I knew the person hiring!

If you're tired of being the best kept secret in radio and want to get noticed and move ahead, then what are you waiting for?
This book will show you how to do that.

BUT, you need to follow it step by step and use it every day. That's essential.
If you just dip in and out when you feel like it, then it's your money, you'll need it to pay for your rent.
If you're SERIOUS and fed up putting yourself off...then this book will show you how to give yourself the shot you deserve.

Invest in yourself fer cryin' out loud.
Imagine if that TINY investment led to a salaried gig!
Wouldn't that be something?

Ever Feel you are Radio's "Best Kept Secret"?
Our 48 page Programme will show you how EASY it is to become known in the radio industry.


You will get the following files:
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  • PDF (362KB)

Radio Training Video Series.


Radio Presentation-The Book. UPDATED.


100 Tips For Presenters.


How To Piss Off a Radio Presenter