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Are your marketing campaigns met with silence? Are you sinking tons of time into creating great social media posts, brilliant blog posts and super newsletters but aren't seeing any response?  Are you wondering why some home businesses seem to draw clients and customers with every offer they promote when all you hear are crickets? I'd be willing to bet it's not your posts and newsletters to blame.  Chances are you haven't identified your target market correctly.

Most home business owners make the mistake of targeting everyone and as a result no one responds.  To get the sort of marketing response you're wishing for you need to figure out exactly who your target market is.  This workbook will take you through the steps you need to clearly define just who your target market is so that you can create campaigns that speak directly to them and offer them the solutions they are looking for.

By the time you've completed this 16 page workbook you will have not only identified your target market, but you will have also clarified just exactly who your ideal client actually is.  And when you know exactly who you're marketing to it makes a world of difference.

Stop hearing crickets and start getting clients/customers.  Get the Discover Your Target Market Workbook today!
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