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Yenifer LLC There Must Be Something Easier Than Crutching, With Foot Play (HD 1920X1080)

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(English) Yenifer is out on her crutches nursing her new broken leg and full leg cast. But it difficult and she needs to find a bench to rest. She calls her friend to see if she can help her and her friend agrees to come with a solution. When she gets there, they make some small talk until her friend notices the underarms of her flimsy white top are yellow and they realize that’s from her leaning so heavily on the crutches. Yenifer's friend also notices how dirty the exposed bottom of her casted foot is from dragging on the floor and offers to wipe them clean. Once that’s done, she presents her solution to Yenifer's mobility issue -- a cast boot. She puts it on Yenifer but her foot is so wide and her toes so long that it’s not a good foot and contrasts significantly with her other heeled shoe. Nevertheless, she begins to walk on it even with her long casted toes wiggling and sticking out of it and finds it easier than uses crutches even if it looks awkward with half her sexy foot hanging out of her cast boot.

TIME: 12 Mins
SIZE: 794 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
DATE: 09/09/13

You will get a MP4 (793MB) file

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