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October Revelations - Author-Signed Print Copy

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Get your own author-signed copy of this historical thriller!

A woman with a mission trades her safety for the truth.

The dust from of the fall of the Soviet Union is still settling, and Yulia Krasnova is going to make sure it lands where it should.

When a car bomb in Moscow explodes, the scene is set for a hunt; but the intended victim--a journalist who has already begun to expose the illicit crimes of top officials of the Russian government--remains un-hit. Now thugs from the Kremlin are ready to do whatever is needed to silence the woman who has put their lives, reputations, and illegal empires in jeopardy.

The third book in The Deceit of Riches Series, V M Karren's historical thriller saga, October Revelations reunites characters from the past two books in order to expose past crimes that have jeopardized the Russian nation, hold the corrupt accountable, and intercept horrific schemes. A fast-paced, mind-bending chase, this novel will raise your adrenaline levels!

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