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Extinguish the Flames of Racial Prejudice - The Fort Pillow Massacre New 2nd Edition

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 Extinguish the Flames of Racial Prejudice - (New 2nd Edition)
What makes this non-fiction book unique?

  • With its 470 footnotes it does what Shelby Foote said cannot be done.
  • The Chapter "Brave to a Fault" introduces Attorney Major William F. Bradford.
  • And the Chapter "Was She a Man?" introduces General Forrest's First Lieutenant and Spy.
When you purchase Extinguish the Flames of Racial Prejudice - The Fort Pillow Massacre 2nd Edition, you receive 3 books for the price of one.

Domestic Breeding - America's hidden Shame 
What makes this book Unique?

  • It provides new information about the KGC. Discover how the Knights of the Golden Circle defended domestic breeding, initiated attacks on the Bible, promoted the teaching of Evolution, used the Media in an attempt to destroy the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press, and were involved in the assassination of President Harrison, President Taylor, and the attempted assassination of President Buchanan.
The Person or The Skin - What do you See! 
What makes this book Unique?

  • The book introduces you to the Educational Center at Fort Pillow, Tennessee, and explains why Education was more of a threat to those supporting slavery, than was the gun.
  • The book provides documentary, detailed information, about Major Booth, Major Bradford, and General Forrest.
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