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Extinguish the Flames of Racial Prejudice - The Fort Pillow Massacre New 2nd Edition

 Extinguish the Flames of Racial Prejudice - THE FORT PILLOW MASSACRE (New 2nd Edition) Non-fiction with 298 pages and 470 footnotes plus additional material from firsthand primary sources. 

The Chapter: Was She a Man? 
The Chapter describes the activities of a person we call Striker. During times of battle, Striker is a Lieutenant. When serving as a Spy procuring guns and ammunition, Striker is a beautiful woman. Striker testifies that the KGC ordered a crime that was so repulsive that she allowed herself to be arrested by Major Bradford's cavalry. While at Fort Pillow, Striker told Major Booth that she was too met General Forrest less than 10 miles away, and would lead his men to him. Traders among his officers said it was a trap, and Major Booth did not follow up on what he was told. Striker also testified that General Forrest showed her a letter from the United States Secretary of Treasury, Salmon P. Chase, offering in exchange for gold, whatever Forrest needed in U. S. Currency. The letter had the identifying symbols and signs of the KGC.
(We have on file her real name, testimony, and history.)
Breeding - America's hidden Shame gives you the identity and oath of the secret society of scientists in Europe and how they, in defense of domestic breeding, initiated the teaching of Evolution, the attack on the Bible, and used the Media in an attempt to destroy the freedom of the Press and freedom of Speech. You will also find new evidence about the assassination of President Harrison, President Taylor, and the attempted assassination of President Buchanan. 

The Person or the Skin - WHAT do you See! gives evidence that proves a Self-Supporting Educational Center was at Fort Pillow. That at the site, color was not the issue for there were many white children and adults that had been denied education as well as slaves that had suffered due to domestic breeding. Many, regardless of the color, were related by blood. They had compassion for one another and were eager and willing to push aside the injustice they suffered.

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