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Extinguish the Flames of Racial Prejudice - The Fort Pillow Massacre New 2nd Edition

(1) Extinguish the Flames of Racial Prejudice - THE FORT PILLOW MASSACRE (New 2nd Edition) Non-fiction with 298 pages and more than 450 footnotes and reference material. The truth you read gives you the tools to rip out the roots of racism hiddin in hearts. It is the only book that reveals that white southerners were freeing slaves and bonding. Together, they formed a Home Guard that protected Northwest Tennessee and Southwest Kentucky. Their strength and unity, and yes, love for one another, survived the April 12, 1864, attack on Fort Pillow, Tennessee. You will see this love when you read what they did when coloreds were asked to reveal their white southern officers. These southern officers were hated more than if they were a slave.

(Books 2 and 3 are FREE when you purchase Extinguish the Flames of Racial Prejudice. To protect copyright they are listed as Fiction. Both books are based on real people and real events. They are historically accurate and reliable.)

(2) Domestic
Breeding - America's hidden Shame. Information within its 121 pages rips off the scars caused by racism. This book is unique. It is the only book to reveal the secret society of scientists in Europe and the America's and how they, in defense of domestic breeding, were the first to attack the Bible's account of a Global Deluge and, Why? They were also the ones that initiated the teaching of Evolution. You will also read of another secrect society and how they assassinated President Harrison, President Taylor, and attempted to assassinate Presiden Buchanan. The new evidence will suprise you. This secret society's secret oath and method of assassination is found in the Books Extinguish the Flames of Racial Prejudice - THE FORT PILLOW MASSACRE and The Person or The Skin.

(3) The Person or the Skin. Information within its 149 pages takes you from Hate to Love. It is the only book that proves that Self-Supporting Educational Centers built in Corinth, Mississippi and Fort Pillow, Tennessee, were President Lincoln's answer to the Educational Crisis in the South. There were schools, hospitals, homes with gardens, stores with products below market value, and everything else that was needed for those who were willing to work together. Color was not the issue for there were many white children and adults that had been denied education as well as slaves that had suffered due to domestic breeding. Many, regardless of the color, were related by blood. They had compassion for one another and were eager and willing to push aside the injustice they suffered.

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