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Download "RESEARCH and the Story it Tells" and as a FREE GIFT, EXTINGUISH the FLAMES of Racial Prejudice - THE FORT PILLOW MASSACRE - NEW 2nd EDITION

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  • Discover why the Atrocity of the Civil War, requiring a Congressional and Military Investigation, links to the burning of the Women's Anti-Slavery Hall in Philadlephia, Pennsylvania, on May 17, 1838. Part One is RESEARCH and the Story it Tells, with its 139 pages, 31 pictures, 20 documents and 3 charts. Part 2 will be a Movie or the book from which the Movie will be produced.
  • Fiction comes from an imaginative mind.
  • Non-fiction comes from firsthand primary sources. Eye-witnesses speak louder, with more compassion and suspense, than does a thriller from a shelf.
  • Your FREE book, EXTINGUISH the Flames of Raical Prejudice - THE FORT PILLOW MASSACRE, Revised New 2nd Edition has 298 pages, 470 footnotes, plus additional documents and research material.
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