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Goddess with Many Faces - Paperback Edition

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Are you an Athena 📚or an Artemis🏹? A Persephone 🌹or an Aphrodite💘? 

Discover the goddess archetypes active in you, and how they affect your decision-making, relationships, life pathways and priorities. The goddess myths are rich in wisdom and provide us with a mystical roadmap to guide our own Hero/Heroine Journeys towards personal transformation. The Goddess with Many Faces draws on psychology, mythology and spirituality to provide a deep examination of the archetypal energies women experience through different stages of their lives. 

With useful self-care tools 🧘‍♀️, including aromatherapy 🌿, wellbeing practices and self-reflective ✍️ questions, this colourful practical guide will empower women to gain a more profound understanding of career, family and relationships and offers hands-on advice on how to navigate life’s journey. 💗💗💗