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Class Reunion: A Paranormal Tale

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Class Reunion:
A Paranormal Tale

Simon Hall went to his class reunion to catch up with his first sweetheart, his best friend, and anyone else who might remember him. On the night, no one except Simon got to talk with Edward Bitter, the social outcast, the class pariah.

That’s because Bitter is dead — he was killed several years earlier. Nobody warned Simon he was talking to a spectre.

Why would a ghost come to a class reunion? What dreadful secrets are the classmates keeping? Should Simon be scared after this one strange encounter with the paranormal?

Edward Bitter’s unhappy spirit certainly has an axe to grind with the class of 2001. Not just Simon, but everyone should be very frightened indeed. No one liked Bitter when he was alive. Bitter is even more unpleasant now that he’s dead.
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