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Rescued By Fire: Gio & Selena's Story

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What happens on judgment day?

Gio has been chained under the Earth for millenniums for what he’s done after the war in heaven. As a Fallen, he has taken it inside of himself to cause mass destruction because he believed the whispers of his fellow Fallen Brothers and sisters. However, after thousands of years of solitude and thinking, he realizes his goals have shifted, and he no longer believes in the cause of war on Earth.

The only person who can set him free and judge him is one of the two remaining Royal Dragon shifters, Selena. Once laying eyes on Selena, everything Gio thought he might want suddenly shifted into one thought. Kindred.  

Selena, being a creature of this Earth, was told only one such as herself can set him free, but why should she when he was one of the Fallen that wanted all life on this Earth destroyed? Selena has been given seven days to hear him out. Gio would need to convince her to set him free and prove he has changed for the better.

Will Gio find a way to end the war he helped start? Can he confide in Selena, and would she be able to listen with more than her ears to set him free from the chains that hold him down?
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