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I’m secretly in love with my best friend.

He’s everything I want in a man—loyal, an affectionate cuddler, a roommate who cleans up after himself. And don’t get me started on how mouthwatering he is in a pair of gray sweats.

But he’s gay and can’t give me what I crave.

The dating app Missing Link focuses on polyamorous relationships, and since my cousin found two lovers, I set up a profile and cross my fingers.

I expect to find narcissists, the manipulators and liars I despise and always attract, but a bisexual man who intrigues the hell out of me pings my inbox. We have an instant connection at first chat.

The problem?

He catches my roommate’s eye too.

I want to share my koala with the man who seems too good to be true, but lies are uncovered, and identities get called into question.

Will our tangible bond stay strong, or will old wounds rip us from the place we thought we found in each other’s arms?

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