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Silent Wings

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Eve Webber doesn’t believe her boyfriend died in the car accident. Lance held her as they watched the car burn. He talked to her. Yet everyone tells her he died on impact.

Eve also didn’t see Samael, the angel of death.  She only saw bright angels, the ones who help people. Which means no one died in the accident. Samael visits her whenever someone close to her dies or when she witnesses a death.

When Arthur Tinsley’s daughter ends up in a coma, he moves into Lydia’s house to look after her sixteen-year-old daughter. Eve is in denial about Lance’s death and claims he still visits her.

Arthur protects Eve from her father, who is affiliated with a drug cartel. Plus, Arthur doesn’t trust Eve’s best friend Becca, a self-proclaimed witch. Arthur suspects Becca of putting a spell on Eve that gives her nightmares.
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