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How top companies phrased their COVID-19 messages (& how you can learn and do better)

Things have changed so quickly so fast.

No longer do we know what's "normal" anymore. Our lives have altered in different ways, some of our businesses have suffered losses, and we're all uncertain about what's coming next.

In these challenging times, we've received many emails and messages from companies we subscribe to.

They've reassured us that they're there for us. That customers still matter.

I've compiled some of these messages for you.

The purpose? If you're a business owner, it'll help you to craft your brand's messages of reassurance to your customers.

These curated resources will give you an understanding on what to write and what needs to be conveyed.

You'll need to remind your customers that although things are hard now, you aren't stopping efforts of being there for each other.

Let's get through this global pandemic together. #StaySafe
You will get a PDF (13MB) file
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