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Rock C vs Carmen Valentina

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(Women’s Singles Match, Squash Match, Training Match, Female Domination)

Carmen Valentina is a bit new to this pro wrestling thing, and before meeting semi veteran to it Sarah Brooke in a tag match later....she looks to Rock C in “Carmen’s Painful Wrestling Lesson”! And needless to say, Carmen is put through the paces and then some in a brutal beatdown!

Rock C actually is gracious enough to let Carmen give her a Belly Punch at the start, as she shows just what she can do to the pro wrestling journeywoman, but when she tries it a second time......Rock C blocks it and fires off some shots of her own! Thus begins Carmen’s rough training session!

Carmen is battered all around the ring, including in the ropes several times, along with being stretched a little bit as well by Rock C, in a vicious ass kicking! Her legs in particular take a fair amount of , as Rock C seems to take some pleasure in roughing them up throughout the “lesson”! Soon enough, or not soon enough depending on who you ask, Carmen can take no more and taps out, ending her training! She did well according to Rock C.....if you consider not dying at her hands doing well anyway! Nonetheless, she’s sent off to prepare to tag with her for that aforementioned match against Sarah and Kathy Owens. What will she have learned from all this that could be used there? That’s a story for another video entirely....stay tuned!


Armbar, Back Rake, Belly Punching, Body Stomp, Corner Head Ramming, Crushes (Back Crush, Back Foot Crushes, & Leg Foot Crush), Finger Twisting, Forearms, Front Bodyscissor, Front Facelock, Full Nelson, Hair Attacks (Hairpull & Hair Wrap in Ropes), Leg Attacks (Leg Punches & Leg Stomp & Leg Stomp in Ropes), Mat Face Slams, Modified STF, Pretzel Stretch, Rope Choke, Side Headlock, Shoot Kicks, Slapping (Body Slaps, Double Hand Slap & Head Slap), Spank
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