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Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry MASONIC BOOK Freemasonry SECRET RITUALS Illuminati KNIGHTS TEMPLAR

Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry 


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    Knights of Brazen Serpent

    Commander of the Temple

    Chief of the Tabernacle

    Order of Cross

    Entered Apprentice

    Fellow Craft

    Grand Elect and Perfect Mason

    Grand Inspector General

    Grand Master Architect

    Grand Master of Symbolic Lodges

    Grand Pontiff

    Prince of Harodim

    Heroine of Jericho

    Historical and Philosophical Degrees

    Knights of Holy Sepulchre

    Ineffable Degrees

    Intendant of the Building

    Intimate Secretary

    Inspector General

    Knights of the Christian Mark

    Knight of the Eagle and Pelican

    Knights of the East and West

    Knight of Kadosh

    Knights of the Ninth Arch

    Knights of the Red Cross

    Knight of the Sun

    Knight of the Sword

    Knights Templars

    Knights of Three Kings

    Master Mason

    Mark Master

    Master Elect of Nine

    Master Elect of Fifteen

    Most Excellent Master

    Order of Knights Templars

    Past Master

    Perfect and Sublime Mason

    Prince of Jerusalem

    Mrince of Mercy

    Prince of Rose-Croix

    Prince of the Royal Secret

    Prince of the Tabernacle

    Provost and Judge

    Royal Arch Degree

    Sublime Prince of Royal Secret

    Royal Master

    Secret Master

    Select Master

    Sovereign Commander of the Temple

    Soverign Inspector General

    Super-Excellent Master

    Sublime Knights Elected









 "More than thirty-five years have passed since William Morgan wrote his famous book revealing the mysteries of modern Freemasonry, and giving to the outside world a particular description of the ceremonies observed in the Lodges of the first six or seven degrees.  The bare rumor that such a book was to be published created much astonishment and indignation among the Masonic fraternity of Western New York, and particularly those who had associated with Morgan in the meetings of the Craft.  They soon ascertained the rumor to be true, and that Col. David C. Miller, the publisher of a newspaper in Batavia was in fact then engaged in printing the book.




Great efforts were immediately made by a large number of Freemasons to stop its publication—first by arresting Morgan for debt—then by a complaint against him for larceny during the prosecution of which his apartments were searched—and lastly by kidnapping the unfortunate man, taking him by forcibly from the jail at Canadaigua where he was confined on some pretense, carrying him in a close carriage to Fort Niagara (then unoccupied) and there murdering him in cold blood.  These events occured in September 1826, but the Masonic brethern did not succeed in suppressing the book written by Morgan..."  

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