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The Ultimate Homesteading Basics Book

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The Ultimate Homesteading Basics Book is your one-stop-shop for all the basic information you'll need as a homesteader. With 50 pages, 7 chapters, and 10 free pdf downloads, from raising chicks to creating compost, whether you're a beginning homesteader or a forgetful homesteading veteran, this eBook is your manual for quick and accurate information, resources, and advice

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CHAPTER 1: Chickens 

  • Raising Chicks
  • Adult Chickens
  • Hen House Requirements

CHAPTER 2: Ducks

  • Raising Ducklings
  • Adult Ducks
  • Duck House Requirements

CHAPTER 3: Meat Rabbits

  • Adult Rabbits
  • Raising Kits (Baby Rabbits)
  • Rabbit Hutch Requirements

CHAPTER 4: Predators

  • Identifying Predators
  • Preventing and Fixing Predator Problems

CHAPTER 5: Gardening

  • Soil
  • Common Gardening Methods
  • Troubleshooting Garden Problems

CHAPTER 6: Compost

  • Composting Materials and Methods
  • Composting Setups
  • Hot Compost Troubleshooting

CHAPTER 7: Resources

  • 10 Free Printable PDFs
  • My Favorite Books and Why
  • List of Referenced Links
  • BONUS: Inspiration & Extras

Homesteading basics - at your fingertips.

You will get a PDF (6MB) file