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Hymns from the Sisters - Paperback

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"...The collection is comprised of nineteen poems covering many aspects of the family's lives and works including those inspired by well-known anecdotes from the sisters' childhood, Branwell's troubles, Anne's death in Scarborough, Charlotte's dislike of her pupils, and a lock of Emily's beautiful hair. These poems will strike a chord with admirers and devotees of the Brontës (myself included) who like Conally-Barklem also feel a close connection with this remarkable family despite the centuries separating them. The poems capture the essence of the sisters and all we know about them as well as the enduring fascination with their words and the much-loved and magnificent works of fiction and poetry they produced and published against the odds.

Conally-Barklem's collection overflows with tenderness for the Brontë family, her knowledge of their lives and works, and her own experience of being inspired by this remarkable family. If a hymn is a form of thanksgiving and a poem is the expression of feelings, the two combine in this collection to produce a beautiful, moving, and sometimes quirky lovesong to one woman's relationship and journey with those brilliant Brontës. Reader, I loved it."

-Nicola Friar, author of A Tale of Two Glass Towns, editor, & blogger

"Hymns from the Sisters by Emma Conally-Barklem is a captivating collection of poetry that pays homage to the Brontë sisters, delving into their lives and their profound influence on literature. Conally-Barklem's deep admiration is evident in every carefully crafted verse, offering readers a glimpse into the intertwined worlds of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë..."

-Kate Benson, The Brontë Sisters online shop