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Achieving Financial Success as a Property Manager: An Insider's Guide

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There are a lot of books out there on how to make money in property management, but most of them are written by people who have never actually managed properties themselves. This book is different. It's written by someone who has years of experience in the industry and knows exactly what it takes to be successful.

In Achieving Financial Success as a Property Manager: An Insider's Guide, we start by discussing how property management companies make money. Then, we'll look at common methods such as charging fees for property management, leasing, brokerage, and project management services. Additionally, we'll explore how providing a full-service solution to real estate investors and property owners can be lucrative for you as a property manager.

This book contains over 35,000 words of clear and concise information and covers the following topics:

  • From Rent Collection to Evicting Tenants: An Overview of the Property Manager's Job Duties
  • How to Choose the Right Property Management Fee for Your Business
  • Get Paid What You're Owed: A Guide to Collecting Leasing Fees
  • Selling Property and Earning a Commission: The Basics for Property Managers
  • Increase Your Bottom Line by Charging for Maintenance and Project Management
  • How to Know if a Prospective Client is Worth Your Time
  • How to Stay on Top of Your Property Management Accounting
  • Why Some People Love Being a Property Manager . . . And Why Others Hate It
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