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Savanna's Gift (Paperback)

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While delivering her god-daughter to the ski lodge where she once worked, Savanna Holt is reminded of one special Christmas and how ambition led her to make the worst mistake of her life: breaking up with Luke Nelson.

Dropping off her best friend's child is one thing, but leaving the mountain is another. A winter storm traps Savanna at the ski lodge with the man whose heart she broke four years ago. Stunned to discover Luke never left, but worked his way up from lift operator to resort manager, Savanna sees her snowbound predicament as an opportunity, a gift. But Luke has worked hard to get past his hurt and intends to steer clear of the woman with the breathtaking smile who chose ambition over love.

Can Savanna convince Luke that she’s changed? And when her dream job beckons, forcing her to choose between two priceless gifts, will she sacrifice her dream, or a second chance at love?

Savanna's Gift, Revised Second Edition
Author: Camille Eide
ISBN: 9798496361828
Publication date: Oct 22, 2021
Paperback, 150 pages
All Rights Reserved

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