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Liliana SLWC with Toe Spica Ouch Not Again! More Broken Toes! With Foot Play (HD 1920 X 1080)

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Sexy Liliana bids goodbye to her BFF and gingerly struggles up the stairs to her walk-up apartment in her one chuck and a short leg cast. Not only is her foot casted but she has a plaster toe spica fully covering her big toe with her four remaining toes just dangling out of it. It was bad enough having a short leg cast but just last week she had broken her big toe on these very same stairs not being careful as she walked up to fast not minding her exposed digits. She changes quickly in her apartment and goes out for some errands in a cute low-cut sundress and one of her favorite skyscraper heels which she prefers wearing, even casted. Not that it’s easy to get around on a single heel when your other foot is not the same height, and your ankle and big toe are frozen in place and can't flex when you walk. As a result, she has a pronounced gimp, and she walks with her casted foot out to and to the side which also protects her other exposed toes. This is a tiring way to walk especially in heels with the plaster digging in between her toe cleavage and she needs to stop to prop her foot up while leaning on a tree to massage the four exposed toes she still can. She's happy to finally gimp home but she's exhausted and not being careful as struggles up the stairs and smashes a couple of her remaining bare toes against the concrete stairs in almost the same place she broke her big toe! She curses as she continues to up the stairs, her one heel clacking and her cast foot rubber heel thudding as she enters her apartment and gimps out onto her patio to give her aching toes a rest. Tired and embarrassed at having to go to the doctor again for another broken digit time she decides to try and wrap her remaining toes by herself while bending down but ends up having to prop her throbbing cast foot up on the table. She uses gauze to make a makeshift bandage around her remaining exposed toes to protect them and keep them in place. Looking frustrated she wonders what people going to think at work and on public transit when they see her in one heel sporting a leg cast and individually bandaged and casted toes??? A must-see gimping toe spica clip featuring the lovely Liliana in a further foot mishap.

LENGTH: 12 minutes
SIZE: 917 MB
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
UPDATE: 11/19/21
You will get a MP4 (896MB) file

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