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Cancer, Stress & Mindset: Focusing the Mind to Empower Healing and Resilience

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Cancer is not a battle; it’s a dance—take the lead. 

Have you been left wondering and worrying about the role of stress in your cancer diagnosis? Is there scientific evidence that stress can cause cancer? 

Integrative clinician, speaker, and cancer patient Brandon LaGreca will be your guide to distill the related science and offer support during this challenging time. Glean insights he has used to treat countless patients during their journey back to health. Cancer, Stress & Mindset will explain the contribution of stress to the initiation and progression of cancer; how stress affects the body and mind; and simple strategies to cope with the stress of being a cancer patient, from diagnosis through remission. 

  • Part 1 examines the science of stress, including the history of stress research, the evidence for a stress-cancer connection, and mechanisms that explain how stress affects our health.

  • Part 2 explores the power of cultivating an anticancer mindset. Here you will learn to leverage language and self-talk to help you make decisions from a calm and centered place. An anticancer mindset is prerequisite to success with any conventional or holistic oncology treatment. 

  • Part 3 focuses on therapies to counter the negative effects of stress, especially as experienced by a cancer patient. This section explores evidence-based strategies used in cancer clinics around the world and advice on optimizing sleep, exercise, and diet to build stress resilience.
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