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Edgy Jewelry Set

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A simple unisex edgy jewelry set I made in Blender. This is rigged/weightpainted to Rhoda's Muscular Base and PandaaBear/WetCat's Dante head.

Showcase Video #1
Showcase Video #2

Earring Inspiration

Import FBX into Blender or Unity and place where you want! I have supplied 3 poly versions (51k, 17k and 11k).

This was made 100% from scratch by me using Blender.

⚝ By purchasing this, you acknowledge that you have basic Unity and Blender knowledge for editing and uploading.

⚝ You agree to not distribute, leak or claim my work as your own. You cannot sell this item as is. Must be sold on a finished model.

⚝ If you do use/share this asset, at least just credit me.

⚝ This can be amended at any time and you agree to follow my ToS, Payhip and VRChat ToS.

⚝ I am not responsible if you break anything while importing, uploading or editing.

⚝ You may use this on free/public/nitro models as long as you link my store.
You will get a RAR (3MB) file

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