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Workshops on Biomechanics

Course I - Transpalatal Arches

THE TOOLS: Mastering the Transpalatal Arches

The Workshop Series “THE TOOLS” offers an intensive theoretical and practical insight into Scientific Biomechanics applied to Orthodontics. The program provides an excellent opportunity for a deep understanding of the segmented arch techniques, and this first course will focus on the transpalatal arches.

Workshop Goals:

  1. Understanding the Principles: Develop a deep comprehension of the underlying biomechanical principles and mode of action of transpalatal arches.
  2. Exploring Clinical Applications: Learn about the various clinical scenarios where transpalatal arches can be effectively utilized, such as molars expansion, constriction, derotation, mesialization, distalization, and correction of symmetric and asymmetric crossbites.
  3. Developing Practical Skills: Acquire hands-on expertise through interactive demonstrations on how to effectively design, fabricate, and adjust transpalatal arches, while also troubleshooting common challenges along the way.
  4. Enhancing Problem-Solving Abilities: Engage in critical thinking exercises and expand your treatment planning capabilities to overcome complex cases using transpalatal arches.

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