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Existential Smut 1: Youthful Indiscretions by Hapax Legomenon (EPUB, PDF)

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In the 1990s a young man began writing erotic stories which were meditations about love and sexual desire. A decade later, he began posting these stories on a website which hosted X-rated fiction, eventually reaching millions of readers in search of "literary titillation served up with intellectual debate" (according to one website which reviewed it). In 2023, for the first time, these stories were revised, collected and released as an ebook (Volume 1 of 3). The basic story frame involves a young man showing his erotic stories to a bookish friend named Lisa. After each story, Lisa offers her critique of it, leading to a light-hearted dialogue about the different ways people experience sexual desire and whether fiction can depict it truthfully.

These stories vary in length and tone -- they can be silly, sad, sensuous, sinful. (One review described them as "exquisite, thoughtful vignettes that individually by turns inspire reflection, evoke startled recognition and collectively offer considerable insight into the tragicomedy that is the constant human search for connection.")

The subjects of Volume 1 ("Youthful Indiscretions") are mostly about college life and slightly beyond. A college student spends an evening with his crush before she travels to Europe to study abroad. A college student's real-life encounter with a porn star causes his erotic imagination to go wild. A masturbation video by an unknown woman becomes an Internet sensation … and also an enigma. A man fails to seduce a beautiful woman and after he meets her years later, feels compelled to try again. A college girl invents a sexy game to seduce her boyfriend but in the process discovers unwelcome truths about him. An overconfident lawyer tries to persuade his beautiful fiance to let him take nude photos of her. Two sex-obsessed high school boys trade sexual banter at a miniature golf park but are secretly afraid of the opposite sex. A young man's erotic letter to a married woman invites her to partake of forbidden dreams. A woman plays a practical joke on a man during a one-night stand. The last sequence of stories, "The First Time, the Last Time" narrates the history of 10 couples' relationships simply by describing the first time and the last time they had sex.

While the goal of these couple-friendly stories is both "titillation and reflection," they should appeal to fans of Scheherezade, the fiction of Milan Kundera, Philip Roth, Mary Gaitskill, John Updike, Susan Minot, Alberto Moravia and Candace Bushnell. As a bonus, this ebook contains sexy illustrations, two erotic essays (a "Pleasure Manifesto" and a look at the fiction of Marco Vassi) along with various ruminations about the project itself.

Note:  This ebook is editorially complete and in finished form.  NOTE: Some formatting features do not render correctly on the PDF version of this ebook. For this reason, the publisher does not recommend using this PDF for reading except as a last resort. Version 1,0.5
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