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Crazy Aces version of backgammon
Crazy Aces Version of Backgammon is an original way to use a standard backgammon game board.
First awarded a copyright in 1990.

In this version of backgammon there is a special rule that applies to each roll of the dice that includes a one.
A special rule applies when ever 1*1, 1*2, 1*3, 1*4, 1*5, 1*6 are rolled .

These six special rules can significantly change the course of the game.
This game is challenging in an entirely different way than the original version.
In the original version of backgammon at some point the game becomes a race with no markers in danger, this never happens in Crazy Aces.
This game requires an entirely different set of strategies than the standard version.
A very high percentage of people with whom I have played this game with, prefer it to the original or any other version they have learned.
In this game the apparent leader can change several times within the same game.

There is also a "Super Crazy Aces" included in the rules that require an additional six markers for each player.

"Super Crazy Aces" is actually even more popular than the basic version of Crazy Aces.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file
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