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Confessions: Justin's Penance

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"It can’t be wrong if he’s a priest.”

Everything came easily to me. Girlfriends, straight As, and popularity were all mine, but they came at a price. I had a dirty little secret which threatened to derail my success.

I was a cheater.

None of my good fortune was accidental. I scammed, I lied, and I used people to get what I wanted. Then they caught me cheating on exams during my sophomore year of college. My Mom threatened to disown me, and my Catholic university wanted to kick me out. To keep that from happening, I agreed to go to confession and be mentored by the new priest, Father Mateo. I figured he would be as easy to charm and manipulate as any other adult.

I was wrong.

The priest was a force of nature I could never have prepared for, and to atone for my sins I would have to make penance. In the filthiest ways imaginable. And what was worse? I loved it.

Justin’s Penance is the first story in the Confessions Series. It features a seriously sexy priest and a young college boy being ravaged by a man of the cloth. It’s a raw and unprotected experience Justin will never forget.
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