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Teach English Online to Adults with Italki - Lesson Material

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Teaching ENGLISH ONLINE to ADULTS - Perfect as an entirely new profession, an additional income or a fantastic way of becoming a Digital Nomad and travelling full-time whilst working online (as I have done for many years!). However, there are numerous misconeptions about Online Teaching. Firstly, you need a Bachelor's degree. Secondly, the only way you can do it is by being employed by a Chinese company teaching children. Think again...

With Italki, a popular online language learning platform, you have the opportunity to become either a Community Tutor or Professional Teacher (if you are in possession of a recognised teaching certification such as a TEFL or CELTA). Unlike Chinese teaching companies, you are NOT employed by Italki (you are essentially freelance), you can choose your own working hours as well as (and more importantly), your own PRICING.

My previous Ebook detailed everything I have learnt from teaching online since 2017. How to get yourself set up on the website, how to put together your all-important introduction video, how to plan lessons and much more including problems you may face and to effectively use Social Media.

In this Ebook, we move on to Lesson Material. Yes, as an Teacher with Italki, you are NOT provided with lesson material - you need to create it yourself - this is the fun part! Detailed in this 67 page Ebook is a plethora of lesson material to get you started, including -

- General topics
- IELTS preparation topics
- About You (ideal for interviewing)
- Controversial topics
- Philosophical and Scientific topics
- Business English
- Business English Tools such as idioms and collocations
- Video topics
- C2 Proficiency topics

Ultimately, this interactive Ebook is a starting point. The fun of being an Online Teacher is that you can create bespoke and unique lesson material of your very own.

I hope this helps!
You will get a PDF (41MB) file
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