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Fun family activities and games to develop understanding that the last number in a count is the number label given to the whole set.

3 Jumping Beans

Get the learning started with a classic number rhyme. It’s actions help the whole body be involved in getting a feel for number, a superb foundation to build mathematical learning. Make some jumping beans, my absolute favourite as an easy way to bring numbers to life. They’re also great for addition, subtraction and your child will be getting an early introduction to probability too, Wow.

When they’re starting out with numbers a child may count ladybirds - one, two, three - but not realise that they can then say that there are three ladybirds in the group. It seems obvious but it isn’t. As you play and talk about the beans, this important link will be revealed.

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Fun family activities and games learning to subitise up to four.

20 Feel 4 Four

By playing games with a dotty dice your child may have learned to recognise the pattern of, for example, four dots as four. This is a brilliant start to their development of the skill of subitising - identifying how many there are in a set without having to count.

Research shows that babies can subitise two and toddlers three - but four is quite a big jump, and five is our brain’s limit without using pattern.

Share these fun games and activities with your child and they will be guided to develop subitising skills.

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Family fun card games counting in twos and recognising odd and even numbers.

33Counting in twos

Grounding your child’s understanding of odd and even numbers with their experience of an odd shoe is a clever way of remembering a piece of maths language that can otherwise cause lasting confusion.

Have fun colouring and playing with the cards to make full use of the powerful images. Develop the play to help your child to become familiar with the pattern of even numbers and the pattern of odd numbers so that sorting them to 20 and beyond will then be a much more straightforward task.

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