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Popular Sounds - 80s Vol. 2 (VPS Avenger Expansion)

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The popular sounds of the 80s for the VPS Avenger are entering the second round. More than 130 presets are available again in this offer to bring a touch of nostalgia into your studio. The sounds are also ideal for new Synthwave or Popmusic productions. Analog sounding basses, synths, pads and even drums will enrich your productions. (This Expansion does not offer ready to play sequences!)

133 Presets
24 Shapes
7 Wavetables
25 Multisamples
30 Drumkits



The Sound Presets of Popular Sounds 80s Vol. 2 Expansion are free to use and 100% royalty free with the following exceptions: The melodies in the arpeggios are not included in this offer and copyrighted by their owners. The drum loop replicas marked as BONUS are for demonstration purposes only. If you use any of the melodies or BONUS drum loop replicas commercially, you have to change them, so that the copyright of any third party is not violated.

You can not resell this expansion as your own or parts of it. It stays copyrighted by DEMUVI.

At the time of download you were using a license and I can't control if it will be deleted again. Therefore, a refund is not possible after the download.

With buying this expansion you get a single user license and you accept this agreement.


Attention to the pirates. Please keep in mind that there is no big company behind this expansion and the work, but a single person who lives from this work. Think about it before you upload it illegally anywhere. Thank you. :-)

Requirement: VPS Avenger 1.7 or higher

You will get a ZIP (200MB) file

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