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Junkyard Dog Collection 4: Books 10-13

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The fourth and final volume in the Junkyard Dog Collection series contains the last four novellas in the Junkyard Dog series, including the answer to the question that began it all. Who wanted Major Rita King dead and why?

Ghost Ship

Bending time and space makes galaxy-wide travel possible. The one rule? Make sure no solid objects occupy the other end of your warp jump.

When Rita King and the crew of the Junkyard Dog exit a jump they nearly collide with a massive object. An object that shouldn’t exist. A good commander knows when to retreat. A true leader knows a unique opportunity when she sees one.

Join Rita King and her unusual crew in the tenth book of the Junkyard Dog series as they solve the puzzling riddle of the Ghost Ship.

Bolkarus Station

Even the best laid plans rarely work out as intended.

Bolkarus Station: the Junkyard Dog’s last chance to make the dangerous rendezvous with Slade and hand over the precious and highly illegal Rose Sunstones.

Bolkarus Station: an ugly refinery and refueling planet, a place no one in their right mind wants to visit. Perfect for a secret rendezvous. Rita King plans to land, meet Slade, and leave as quickly as possible. Simple. Stay on task and get out of there.

Join Rita’s crew on another strange adventure in the eleventh book of the Junkyard Dog series as they dig into the hidden world of a galactic refinery and the secrets it holds.

Omega Lab

Need a replacement body part?

No problem with all the specialized cloning labs in the Milky Way galaxy. Rita King, commander of the Junkyard Dog, believes in the practice–except when it comes to her own body.

She reluctantly agrees to visit Omega Lab, knowing she needs to be in top form to face her enemies on Mars Base. No one expects what happens next.

Omega Lab, the twelfth book in the Junkyard Dog series, takes the reader inside the wonders–and darkest perils–of a cloning lab built deep inside a meteorite.

Mars Base

The day of reckoning has arrived.

Major Margarita King needs answers.

Who wanted her dead and who could she trust for the truth?

The only place to find those answers–Mars Base, home of the Red Barons.

Command thought she was dead. A funeral had been held.

Someone was going to be mighty surprised when Rita showed up at headquarters.

The final novella in the Junkyard Dog series ends where Rita’s strange and unexpected journey began–with one big difference. You’ll have to read Mars Base to find out how it all ends!
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