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A Guide To Self-Publishing In South Africa

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A Guide To Self-Publishing In South Africa - a guide to being an indie author in spite of being stuck in South Africa by Christina Engela

So you wrote a book. Be it a novel, a collection of short stories, a how-to-braid-your-own-back-hair-without-a-mirror-and-a-third-hand guide, or an academic research paper about the fascinating night life of hump-backed snails. Whatever it is, you need to get it out there where it will be read, appreciated and praised for the work of genius it really is!

The only trouble is, you don’t know what to do next - and who could blame you? After all, you’ve never done this before! Writing is your game – not cover design, working with images and associated software, marketing - and as for the internet, don’t even go there! It’s all way too complicated! Right?

It can really feel that way sometimes – but the truth is, modern self-publishing is really a lot easier than you may think. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as doing quantum physics – say, like shooting a playing card through the center diamond with a pistol, blindfolded, while riding a dairy cow backwards.

But... you live in South Africa, where almost everything is stacked against you from the start!

Many South Africans today have a story or two to tell - the only trouble is, writing (or typing) the story is just the first part of the journey for an author. It's what comes after that part that stumps them. What do you do next? How do you get your masterpiece out there? Do you send it to every publishing company you can Google in the hope that someone - anyone - will show interest? What about publishing it yourself? Does that sound crazy, or what? Is it presumptuous? Is that "real" publishing - or is it "vanity press"?

It's an undeniable fact that since the early 2000's, the internet has changed the face of the publishing industry and ended monopolization by "traditional" publishers - opening the field up for ANYONE to self-publish their own books - AND being successful at it!

...Except of course, in South Africa.

For bright, talented up-and-coming authors who happen to live at Africa's southernmost tip, the choices are few and limited - and the over-bearing gate-keepers' narrow focus and small capacity stifles literary progress and growth in the industry itself!

In South Africa, publishing companies, book sellers, banks, and even government over-regulation all combine to create almost insurmountable obstacles for local authors trying to make names for themselves, or to make a living off their writing talent. There are also no workable local means to self-publish.

South African options in the field are clunky and steam-powered, limited, and expensive. So we do the only logical thing: go online, internationally, to do it ourselves.

In this book, Christina Engela - herself an indie self-published and traditionally published author with over 30 titles in fiction and non-fiction to her credit, will show you how she does it - no cards, pistol, dairy cow, or blindfold required - even if you're stuck in South Africa!

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