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Lia SLC (Term) Gimping around Seaside and Trying to Cool a Hot Foot (HD 1920X1080)

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Sexy Lia gimps around on a scenic vacation is a showcase of her sexy curling toes blasting out of her cast and half shoe with lots of closeups from all angles including worm's eye. Its's tough getting around and its hot. She takes stroll down to a pier overlooking the ocean where she pops her cast foot up to allow the cool air to cool off her casted toes. She also dangles her cast foot over the side to cool off. Her foot is still hot in the cast though which is absorbing the beating sun while her poor toes touch the hot concrete with each step. So, she sits down to pull off her half shoe for some relief. Of course, outside of wiggling and curling her toes, it does nothing to cool off her cast foot which is securely imprisoned in hard fiber. So, after a time she puts it back on ad continues her gimping by the sea which at least provides some relief for her naked toes. If you’re a Lia and/or really pretty toe fan this is a "must see"!

LENGTH: 18 minutes
SIZE: 782 MB
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
UPDATE: 11/21/21
You will get a MP4 (1GB) file

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