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Truth or Die First in Series Thriller Bundle

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Four women are unknowingly caught up in a web of secrets, lies and deceit.

Four women are determined to get their lives back.

Four women find themselves having to do the unthinkable.


Captured Lies

Bailey is not who she thought she was. Confused, she travels back through her recently deceased mother’s past to find answers. What she discovers is eye opening and deadly. Everyone has a story who is telling the truth and who wants her dead? (Book 1 of The Caspian Wine Series)


"… excellently written… kept my attention from the dramatic opening to the satisfying end…" Annabella Johnson (IBR)


Fostered Identity

Shyla’s teenage sister has run away on her watch. In searching for her sister, Shyla uncovers things about her mother’s past that send her down a very different path. One that involves her lying and stealing, that of her mother’s million-dollar necklace. But someone else also wants it and will go to any lengths to get it… even kill. (Book 1 of The Twisted Deception Series)

"Another brilliant book from this author. I have read all of her books so far and would thoroughly recommend it. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down." MAP


Poisoned Promises

Bryana is hell-bent on bringing her father's corrupt company to its knees. She will risk it all to uncover the dangerous truth behind the multi-million-dollar corporation. But as she delves deeper, she soon discovers that her enemy is not only powerful, but ruthless. He will do anything to keep his secret from getting out… even kill. (Book 1 of The Prairie Crime Thriller Series)

“Wow!! I am momentarily speechless. I have just finished reading this book and it is fantastic…” Gill Clay


Concealed Inheritance

As the sole heir to her father’s estate, Skylar tries to make sense of his will. He has left her his vast estate and two pregnant women. Her father’s past is key to finding answers but those who know anything aren’t sharing. And someone will go to any lengths to stop her… even murder. (Book 1 of The Family Heir Looms Series)

"An incredible new series from this fantastic author... Twists and turns in this story are absolutely incredible. I had to put it down for a while to take a breath…” Betsy Smith


Truth or Die First in Series Suspense Thriller Bundle – Captured Lies (The Caspian Wine Series), Fostered Identity (The Twisted Deception Series), Poisoned Promises (The Prairie Crime Thriller Series), and Concealed Inheritance (The Family Heir Looms Series). Some award-winning, heart-pounding, suspense thrillers full of twists that will keep you guessing. Enjoy.

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Customer Reviews


1 month ago

Maggie does not disappoint!

A captivating mystery, suspense thriller series you won’t be able to put down once you start reading. Fast paced from start to finish, lots of twists and turns to keep you in suspense.
The stories just keep getting better and better with every book.