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How NOT to Get Sick When Everyone Else Is (Lecture)

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Want to avoid getting sick? Tired of missing work and having to hire a sitter? Scared of catching a deadly disease? Do you catch every bug that goes around?

Then this lecture is for you! I will be giving actions that you can take to strengthen your immune system so that your chances of getting sick go down almost to zero.

First, we'll be discussing Louis Pasteur's germ theory and see if it's been proven true by examing a medical study done in 1919 during the Spanish Flu. (You will receive a copy of this study when you buy today).

We will then discuss medical studies that show how certain foods depress your immune system for hours by destroying red and white blood cells and preventing Vitamin C, a known immune booster, from working.

We will then discuss what foods to eat to strengthen immunity. 

YOU will finally be in the driver's seat on whether or not you get sick in the future and will have a very healthy immunity as protection against not only infectious diseases, but also chronic ones such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, autoimmune and more. 

Gain not only better health but PEACE OF MIND by learning about what REALLY causes disease (and it's not what you've been told) as well as confidence in your ability to manage your own health and age without getting the same disability and diseases as your peers.

Sign up for your spot and I will email you to find out what time works best for you. This lecture will be conducted via Zoom. Change your life in a BIG way and get this little-known information and reduce your chances of getting sick dramatically. See you there!
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