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Manifest Your Ideal/Dream Partner Toolkit

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Calling all women looking to create and manifest loving passionate relationships on your terms.

Hey beautiful lovebug, have you ever felt:

·       A bit confused as to why you are single, even though you think you are open to meet someone?

·       You are missing out because your friends are all pretty much married or in long term relationships, yet you seem to be struggling to find "that person" - you know “Mr Right”?

·       Do you feel you know what you are looking for in a partner and relationship but something seems to be holding you back from having that dream in your life right now, or possibly in the future?

But there seems to be more to this…

  • You've tried the dating sites; you just seem to meet “Mr Sleaze”
  • Do you wonder if he actually exists, because he doesn’t seem to be knocking on your door?
  • All the chick flicks you’ve seen suggest he’ll just turn up yet it doesn’t happen for you.
  • When you do meet someone, you spend more time worrying about whether they’ll like you.
  • You just want to be able to come across authentically but the fear of opening yourself to someone new seems to take over and it doesn’t go so well.

It’s so common to feel this way…

Especially when you’ve turned your attention to your career and not given yourself the time to open that door up again.

That’s why I’m excited to share this with you

 A toolkit that helps you heal and release the hurt you have experienced from your previous relations
That can help you pinpoint the limiting beliefs you have playing around your mind about being able to receive and maintain a great relationship.

Introducing the Manifest Your Ideal Partner toolkit!

You’ll learn how to manifest what you really want in a relationship whilst healing and clearing your blocks and limiting beliefs created from your past, all from the sacred loving space of your heart.

What’s inside your new toolkit:

 This isn’t about how to date a guy or even scripts to memorise to help you win someone over

 No way,

This is all about you being able to manifest a great partner who loves you for you, and all your quirkiness. That’s right, manifesting a partner who is worthy of YOU and not the other way around!

Your toolkit contains 2 modules of complete awesomeness designed to help women who have been hurt in the past or have esteem issues preventing you from receiving the relationship you desire.

Module one contains everything you need to have an honest review of where you are at now with your relationship, current and past – even if you are currently single. Including a clearing meditation to do at the end of the section, ready for juicy module 2.

Module two takes things to another level

This module helps you completely define what it is you want and desire in a partner relationship and contains a meditation to help you manifest them into your life.

This toolkit was born from relationship heal sessions and now used within my Sacred Me and Sacred Me Sacred Alchemy programs so I know how powerful these two modules are.
Let’s get you healing your past relationships and alchemising them to create the love you desire, shall we?

This toolkit is for you if:

  • You are willing to look deeply at your relationship(s) in a way that heals and empowers YOU.
  • You feel you are ready to welcome in a new relationship, although you aren't sure how to attract someone who is really worth your heart opening up to them.
  • You would like to know how to create your ideal partner and make an intention for them to show up in your life.
Through this kit you will:

  • Experience a deep healing of previous relationship(s)
  • Connect to the power of intention and your heart to create your desires
  • Manifesting the partner, you wish to have in your life
  • Understand why getting clear on the relationship you desire is so important
  • How to anchor in your vision so you know fully this is a possibility for you

Here’s why this is so important to me…
Through my clients I have been able to see that even when they are in relationships, they are either compromising a lot of themselves or not being able to express themselves in a way that is authentic for them.

Then there are those wonderful loving women who have been burned in the past who would love to actually have the relationship they desire, however, every time they meet someone, they unconsciously sabotage the relationship or something plays out that ends the relationship. Which re-enforces their belief of not being worthy of amazing relationships

I don’t want that for you anymore!

This is why I have created the do-it-yourself toolkit, so you can heal and create your passion and desires.

I’m Jo Cieloch, I support creative women connect to their soul destiny. To release the blocks keeping them stuck so they can tap into their full potential, thrive and love living their life.

This means, by purchasing this toolkit you will unlock the blocks which are keeping you from experiencing the love, intimacy and joy you wish to have in a relationship.

Understand who you want to be within a relationship context and get creating it now

All within a 22-page download and printable pdf and 2 meditation mp3s. Plus you get a 30-minute laser coaching session (booking link will be sent separately after purchase) when you have completed the toolkit so you can supercharge your heart chakra to call your love in!

And all this at your fingertips for £97, which is a smidgen of the price of my 1-2-1 coaching, healing and counselling programs so you can get going now. ♥

You no longer need to wonder what’s holding you back from passionate, initmate and loving relationships!

Let’s get you alchemising the past and loving your future
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (55MB)
  • MP3 (18MB)
  • MP3 (12MB)
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