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Wings of Hope (The Veil Series Prequel) ePub

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"I am his muse. But not for long..."

When Mammon, the Prince of Greed, 'acquires' a half-blood slave known as 'Muse' for three nights, and bespells her with tales of a world where people live like kings and queens among towers of steel and glass, the seed of hope takes root in Muse's soul. But hope, for a half-human half-demon creature like her, is a dangerous thing. Especially when that tentative hope springs from the honeyed words of a Prince of Hell. What is Mammon's price for freedom?

Meanwhile Da'mean, her ruthless owner, would rather see her dead, than free. She belongs to him. She is his muse. And no beast will take her from him.

The netherworld is harsh and violent. Muse's demon kin are merciless, blood-hungry beasts, but little do they know, Muse has something far more dangerous coiled inside her, desperate for a taste of freedom.

Her humanity.

Reader Note:
This prequel is a prequel to the wildly success Veil Series. It can be read as a stand alone, or at any time during, prior to, or after reading any of the novel-length books in The Veil Series without spoilers.

WARNING: Wings Of Hope contains some graphic scenes that some readers may find distressing.

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Editorial Goodreads Reviews for Wings Of Hope:

What a sensational read!

Loved, loved, LOVED this!...I got happily lost in the descriptions of the demon realm, the ramblings of Muse's broken mind, Mammon's murky machinations...

I was totally unprepared for this. It's absolutely spectacular and so emotionally charged...

Absolutely thrilling!

*Comments taken from Advance Reader Copy reviews at Goodreads.

Editorial Reviews for The Veil Series

Moonrise Books
This is a fantastic book and one of my new favorites! ...a brilliant and original tale, entwined with a fascinating element of romance. I am eager to dive into the next book in the series to see what happens with these fantastic characters.

Bitten By Books
Gripping from the start, full of complex characters, detailed & layered storytelling, great twists.

GoodReads reviewer
I absolutely adored this book and this series so far. It's unlike anything I've read before and probably will read for awhile.

Happy Tails & Tales
It goes to the excellence of writing skill when you love, and hate, ALL of the characters so much. Seriously, I think it could have had a bad plot and I would have loved the characters. BUT the plot is amazing. You’ll never be able to guess what’s really going on because it’s all about the unveiling.

Nocturnal Predators Reviews
I almost cried. It was THAT heart-wrenching. After getting slapped upside the head with plot twists every five pages during the WHOLE book I still didn't see that ending coming.

Amazon reviewer
Nothing is as it seems and it's all too easy to get caught in Muse's story as the plot twists and turns.

Smexy Books
From page one I was intrigued and as I turned the final page I still wanted more.


The Veil Series Reading List:

Wings of Hope (Prequel)

Beyond The Veil (#1) (ebook FREE at all good online retailers!)

Devil May Care (#2)

Darkest Before Dawn (#3)

Drowning In The Dark (#4)

Ties That Bind (#5)

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