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Mrs. Bixby Book of Finances Budget Planner

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Mrs. Bixby's Book of Finances is the Budget Planner with a vintage vibe!

It is a perpetual planner, which means it has no year printed on it so you'll be able to print it for years!

REVIEWS from lovely customers from my old etsy shop

"I really appreciate how organised, detailed, and aesthetic this budget planner is. I can easily reuse it for each year - and it adds some flair while I do some money-saving!"

☞ Cover Page
☞ Beginning of the Month Page - where you'll see what's available to spend
☞ The Bill Tracker Page
☞ The Expense Tracker Page
☞ Weekly Calendar (Sun/Mon) Page
☞ Monthly Calendar (Sun/Mon) Page
☞ End of the Month Page (two versions, one with custom categories) - see where you're spending your money
☞ End of the Month Summary Page
☞ The Account Password Tracker Page - too many passwords? Here's where you can write them
☞ Grid with 4 columns to write whatever you want
☞ Asymmetrical grid of 4 to write whatever you want
☞ Lined paper to write notes

You will receive a total of 3 PDF Files
☞ 1 PDF files for A4 Size (20 pages)
☞ 1 PDF files for Letter Size (20 pages)
☞ 1 PDF file with an explanation on how to use your new Planner
You will get a ZIP (26MB) file

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