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Welcome to this e-book. Without fiscal breathing space, free entrepreneurship suffocates. If governments are not being slowed down, they will simply eat up your entrepreneurial profits completely. Their fiscal obese behaviour knows no limits.

So, it is best that you, as an entrepreneur in a highly taxed country, take initiatives yourself to create the necessary fiscal breathing space, and we will gladly contribute to this.

Now hear me out, and this is not to be silly or complicated, but tax advice is tailor-made. Every situation is different. But we don’t want to leave you hungry and in this free e-book, we present a number of tax-friendly jurisdictions. We do not say at all that these are always the best choice but sometimes they
are. Enjoy reading. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at with all your questions, remarks, concerns... We will do everything we can to help you, and give you advice, tailored to your specific case. Creative but within a legal framework.

Contact us now! Before the government squeezes you out and your entrepreneurial dream shatters into pieces!

Kind regards,
Iven De Hoon
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