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Untouchable Beauty - the Cubi #1

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The Rise of an Incubus King

In an isolated parallel society, a race of Incubi and Succubi live cut off from humans, but they feed on human pleasure. An old treaty between humans and Cubi is in place, and it is not favorable to either party, even though one suffers the brunt of it more than the other.

Among the next batch of kidnapped humans, two men stand out. One is poisonous to the Cubi race, the other is their next King. But Daniel has no idea what he wakes up to. All the nineteen-year-old man wants in life is fame, fortune, and red carpets. All the Cubi people want is to preserve the status quo. Sinister outside forces have entirely different plans, though.

Change is upon them, and they're all in for a rude awakening!

Get ready for a dark gay urban fantasy series full of heat, adventure, and a long evolving plot. Massive worldbuilding unfolds in a continuous storyline with characters you either want to slap or hug and hide away from a cruel world.

This series handles dark subject matters as a plot point. It's a continuous storyline and some volumes thus end on a cliffhanger.
This series is set in the same world as the Vargr series.
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