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Great Balls of Spikes Beadwoven Beaded Bead TUTORIAL

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A tutorial for a wonderful exuberant ball of Czech spike beads or Czech gumdrops, held in place by a network of seed beads and Czech fire polished beads. The beaded ball is hollow and self supporting, and can be beaded in a couple of hours by an intermediate beader using Netting and Modified Right Angle Weave.

The nine page tutorial contains a full materials list, with suggestions for colour schemes, and every step is fully illustrated with a detailed diagram showing thread paths etc, as well as being written out clearly.

You will need: 
12 Czech Spikes (7mm x 17mm) or Gumdrops (7mm x 10mm) 
3mm Fire-polished or Round beads 
Size 11 seed beads in a highlight colour 
Size 8, 11 & 15 seed beads in the main colour 
Size 11 seed beads in the secondary colour 
Beadweaving needles, thread of your choice, scissors.

As a beader who designs and sells largely to support my own out of control bead buying habit, I’m happy for you to make this design to sell (in small quantities only) so you can buy lots more beads (and tutorials), but please make sure you give me full credit as designer.


This beaded bead tutorial grew out of series of beaded beads which I am making for a project called 'Beading Beaded Beads' which you can read about on my blog

You will get a PDF (5MB) file
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