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Renaissance - 12 Compositions by 12 Composers

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For Organ without pedals, or Harmonium, or Digital Keyboard with organ sounds.

Rare but beautiful works, carefully edited by Rowy van Hest. Based on facsimiles and antique editions.
Mensural notation and ancient keys are translated into modern music notation. Late Medieval/Early Renaissance to Late Renaissance/Early Baroque.

01. Guillaume Dufay - Bon jour, bon mois
02. Jacob Obrecht - Meskin es hu
03. Leonhard Kleber - Prelude in A Minor
04. Thomas Tallis - A Point
05. Antonio de Cabezón - Versillo de Tercer Tono
06. Giovanni di Palestrina - Rex Virtutis
07. Anonymous - Dulcis Amica Dei
08. Luzzasco Luzzaschi - Ricercare del Primo Tuono
09. Johann Eccard - Hans und Grete
10. Giovanni Gabrieli - Fuga on the 8th Tone
11. Adriano Banchieri - A dog, a cat, a cuckoo and an owl
12. Orlando Gibbons - Galliard

Listen to the free sound files and download no 6, Giovanni di Palestrina - Rex Virtutis, for free
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